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22 April 2012

Hello hello hellooooo!

So just returned from the fraser island trip and have had a ridiculously good weekend!

Driving round the biggest sand island on earth in 4x4 drive, checking out beautiful freshwater lakes and creeks, and more sand dunes than you can shake a stick at, made it all in all a wicked time! Were really lucky again with our group, 24 of us in total all 18-30 and up for a good time, so the evenings were a good laugh too with plenty of cheap wine flowing as usual whilst the dingos and nasty insects roamed around us all night.

Our 'tour guide' Ian was more than we could have hoped for too, gave us a real good background and history to the island and was so knowledgeable about everything to do with it, which made the whole experience even better by knowing exactly what we were looking at had come about...

We slept in a fairly nice campsite for the two nights, and in contrast to our whitsundays experience seems like we chose the best tour company for it. They have a permanent camp on the island which no one else does and, although it wasn't quite the ritz it was great to have our own time to do more in the day, than set up and pack up camp for everyone each time! Won't be needing any sort of refund this time round that's for sure. And speaking of refunds we haven't had a reply from the sailing company yet, so i guess if nothing comes of it a few days further down the line we'll group together and see what else we can do with regards to our 'complaints' and requests... hey ho we'll see!

Only put a couple of dollars on the internet this time round so just a quick one now, will give you a call in the next couple sometime. But just wanted to update you and let you know we had a great time, definitely one of the best few days we've had yet I'd say! We're heading down to the gold coast tomorrow afternoon as Hervey Bay is a tiny place and we've seen all we can on the island, so will be passing through Noosa and Brisbane once more on route! We have a couple of nights booked in for there, so as usual we'll see how we get on, if we like we stay for a tad longer, if not then will crack on down the coast to Byron bay, which is just an hour or two further on! Seems strange we've still got 5 weeks-ish left here as we'll most likely head Sydney ways in a week or so, but am looking forward to spending some good time exploring there and melbourne properly!

Anyway must dash times about to run out

All my love and as always say hello to all and let them know I'm still alive please...

Speak soooooooon xxxxxxxx

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