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3 May 2012

Hi mum

Jus thought i'd send you a quick update on the last week or so since we last spoke, as managed to grab free internet at another one of ant's relative's house!

Soooo, we made it down to Sydney on Tuesday after another nasty overnight bus from Byron Bay. Took about 13/14 hrs in total I think which wasn't an ideal night's sleep, again, but hey ho.. Managed to find a hostel in an area called kings cross which is pretty crazy it seems. Full of backpackers/tourists, but also with bars and restaurants and anything else in between, where we've been for the last couple.

Decided to battle the tiredness and head straight out to explore a bit of the city. Where we were based was about a half hour walk from the botanic gardens, which have a tidy little view of the opera house which we eventually went to check out and get the typical tourist snaps! Really impressive to actually be in front of such an iconic place actually, and we were blessed with nice sunshine too which made it all the better, especially after the last week or so with on and off rain!

Walked around the harbour in between the opera house and the harbour bridge too, which was also surprisingly cool, well as cool as bridges get anyhow! So all in all was a pretty nice start to our Sydney experience on our first few hours in the city. We took an easy stroll back to the hostel for a bit of down time before heading out in the evening for a few sly beverages, just seeing a bit more of what the city had to offer. Knowing we've got plenty of time here though makes it nice as we need not rush getting about the place...

Saying that, the day after we woke to nice sunshine again so decided to head east to bondi beach! Made our way over there with a couple of guys we've been bumping in to since surfer's paradise - an Italian stallion who'd been over for a couple of months studying for his masters, and an older chap from the phillipines who was just out having a blast on his travels. Turned out to be another really nice day again, after all how can a beach day not turn out well! Tiredness was kicking in though so after a few hours headed back for more downtime before more celebrations as it was both the guys' last nights in sydney, so more fun had by all of course!

And noooow we're currently in a suburb called Woolahngla or something along those lines, which is about half way between kings cross and bondi, so easily accessible if we want to venture out tomorrow. Another relative of ant's mum's lives here with her husband, who was once director of some sort at ABC network and penguin publishing and all sorts! Really nice people it seems too so have the key to come and go as we choose for tomorrow and saturday. Most likely head back toward the busier suburb for saturday/sunday to meet a girl we met in vietnam who's out and about for a large night so meet some locals and perhaps see what the areas they know are like! Should be a good few days ahead.

Will most likely stroll around aimlessly tomorrow, and maybe do the bondi walk which takes you around all the bays and different smaller beaches in the next couple of days, but as of yet don’t have many plans.

Recharging the batteries tonight with some nice down time and out of a bunk bed for once, and speaking of which its somehow 10.30 already here so I'm going to shoot.

Hope everythings OK back at that end though!? And all the final touches are in place for the Barcelona and LA trips. Remind me of the dates of those again? Will drop Melrose/Blair a line soon about when we hit Melbourne ways...

Anywaaaay im rabbiting but yes we've had a great couple of days, last day in byron was nice weather too which was great so explored there a bit more too, and as of now looking forward to chilling round here and a good weekend in sight hopefully!

Much love for now though

Speak to you soon xxxxxxxxxxx

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