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11 May 2012

Last couple of days have just been more chilled ones really

Ant's older cousin lives here working as a teacher, who we met up with on Wednesday night. He took us to the opera bar which is under the opera house and in front of the harbour bridge, and offered to pay for all of our drinks, so had a bit of a more upmarket few hours than we've been used to.

And then yesterday made the most of the nice weather and just kicked about in the botanical gardens for a few hours enjoying the view and the sunshine! Nothing too exiting really. Think i mentioned to you yesterday on the phone that we'll try head to manly beach for a day before we leave, though the weather's not quite a nice today and all a bit overcast! Hey ho.

Anywaaaay will hopefully catch you over the weekend at some point before you jet off, and I hope you're felling a tad better by the time you wake up and read this. Dont be going away feeling poop or 1st few days will just be shite!

Big love for now

catch you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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