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24 February 2012

Hello from Cambodiaaaa!

Thought i'd send a quick email as we're just waiting around at the minute at our hostel to jump on a bus down to the coast to a place called sihanoukville.

Had a really nice few days here in Phnom Penh. The staff at our hostel are all really friendly so made some cool cambodian (khmer) friends, and the owner is a young guy who has a few contacts in australia that we've taken down in case we fancy some work fruit picking whilst we're there!

Just had a really nice half hour or so helping a 10yr old girl learn english. She had all her geography textbooks and what not so did a few exercises in there with her whilst her dad sat next to us and have been offered a few beers with him if we return with the promise of more lessons; exchanged numbers and all so a good day has been had so far!

A 30yr old guy from england who we met a couple of days ago had been helping her everyday so I stepped in today in his absence. Again, few more cool western people we've met since landing, all in their 30s so bit of a different conversation which has been cool too.

A couple of days ago we headed to the killing fields and prison used during the genocide in the 1970s. Really interesting afternoon for me after learning all about in in the last semester at uni, and very surreal being stood in the places it all happened - not quite on the level of Auschwitz but nevertheless was well worthwhile and learnt a bit more about it all so that was good! Another sobering experience for the two of us and those we were with.

Spent some dollars yesterday at the market on a couple of silk short sleeved shirts for some great comedy value, as did Ant who's are definitely of even greater value! We decided not to get tailor-made jackets done in Hoi An where the specialists are, just because of room in our bags and what not, so we felt this was a nice little alternative. Will be looking like something out the 70s when we wear them out together should be a right good sight!

Apart from that just been checking out the city as usual and kicking back here and there, nothing too strenuous of course you know me! Its been very hot here last few days but if anything we're losing our colour a bit as we're not living it up on the beach or anything, think that may be the plan for sihanoukville... and maybe chill on a small island off the coast for a night as we've heard its a great experience - only electricity comes between 8-10pm and the rest of the time its just easy living! Should be pretty cool if we get the chance.

Again we're not sure how long we'll spend there, just wait and see how we feel after a couple of days - maybe spend a couple of weeks, maybe get the hell out of there who knows. But it'll be onto Siem Reap next I imagine, check out the Angkor Wat temples which look incredible. And have picked up another contact here from Italy who owns a little guesthouse there, "There's always a drink behind the bar and some mates rates for you guys" he's said!

That's all for now as I should quickly get last bits together for the bus, but I hope alls still ok that end. Fill me in on anything new if there is much I always like reading about it when I can. Pass my love on to anyone you speak to!

Much love and a big sloppy kiss


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