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2 March 2012

Morning Mum, how you getting on!?

Just flinging back a quick email to let you know we're getting on all ok, as i'm wary haven't been in touch in a little while! Tried calling a couple of days ago but for some reason it continually told me I had an incorrect number, which it definitely wasn't... so not sure what that was all about!

But anyway im getting on just fine, we've been down in Sihoukville on the coast for just over the past week now i think and loving it, you'd definitely appreciate some time in this kind of place methinks. There are a few beaches here which are pretty busy and populated with tourists and people trying to sell you shit, but from the moment we arrived we picked one slightly further away from town and haven't been back since. Reaalllllly nice and chilled down this end of the town, theres just guesthouses and resturants that line the beach so its a real nice atmosphere and most people down here aren't looking for too much of a crazy time, or they head into town like we have a couple of times in the evenings.

We spent a night and a couple of days on a beautiful island just off the shore which was amazing and returned late last night. Real cool place set up by an australian guy who lived on the island for a year and has just opened it up in the last week or so for visits. The night was spent just nia tent on the beach and there's hardly anyone living there so its perfectly safe, and the day was spent relaxing in front of the sea with a spot of snorkelling in the morning.... real paradise.

The weather's been pretty much spot on everyday, had a couple of quick heavy downpours which have actually been quite nice to cool the air a bit, but apart from that its been sun sea and sand for us for the last week!

We;re heading off on another overnight bus tomorrow evening to Siem Reap, where we'll mot likely spend at least a few days before we make the huuuuge trek across thailand again and down to the southern islands. It's all gone so quickly really we can;t believe we're supposed to be flying out to Aus in about 3 weeks!

My time's just about up at the internet cafe but i'm going to try jump on quickly tomorrow before we head off too so i'll try fill you in with more details about Cambodia so far when I can, just had to let you know I was alive.

As i said before the majority of the people here have been more friendly and laid back than the Vietnamese, but I think thats mostly due to touristy areas and what not that we visited in Vietnam - I guess where there's money there'll always be people trying to make it in one ruthless way or another.

Meeting more and more cool people too - Liam's (the guy who lived on the island we visited) parents were over to check out his little place for the first time, and have invited me and Ant to go sailing with them when we reach Brisbane which was a nice touch!

But anyway must dash and as i say will try get at you once more before we leave. If not will track somewhere down in Siem Reap just after the weekend or something, and i'll let you know if there's more issues with the phone and what not... keep your ears perked up!

Big hugs and love, and to everyone else I can never seem to have time to speak to!


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