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6 March 2012

Helloooo again

Sorry to hear your all coldy and shitty, feeling any better today or what!?

Indeed the freckles have been joining up slowly but surely yup! Not sure about 'bronzed and beautiful' though dont seem to have the genes for the bronzing effect, I blame the parents.

However, our time on the beach obviously came to an end as we left Sihanoukville for Siem Reap as its further inland. still as bloody hot though and last couple of days doing our touristy bits have been pretty roasting, think Ant and I have managed to sweat a good litre each out at least!

Yesterday as I mentioned quickly last night though we headed to Angkor Wat to see various temple sites that were built in 1100's sometime I believe. Ridiculously good day was had by all though, we've done our share of site seeing on our way so far, but that was on a whole other level. Crazy to think that it was all put together so long ago and constructed out of individual pieces of stone. There are loads of different temples that span over a pretty huge distance, but we decided to opt just for the 1 day pass, rather than 3 day or 1 week as it was far cheaper. Luckily we picked up a pretty neat tuk tuk driver who drove us around the sites all day and made sure we made it to the more impressive ones and back to a nice high point just before sunset. Unfortunately the camera will never be able to do it justice and its so hard to explain the sheer size of the construction, but to say we were both pretty blown away is an understatement. A lot of the sites have suffered from weathering and many have collapsed so reconstruction is constantly taking place which is by no means a small task, and thats just for one of the temples!

Managed to use the same tuk tuk driver again today (MR. T - only in asia could you hear that), who we asked to drive us to a floating village quite far out of the city. It didnt happen to be floating as its dry season at the moment of course, however we were treated to a boat ride down the river, courtesy of two 14year old boy drivers, and floated past the hundreds of houses that are built on stilts right beside the river for when rainy season does arrive. Was another great experience as we got to see the locals doing their thing, fishing in the river, fixing their boats and all the youngens just fooling around on the riverbanks. They let us get off the boat for a stroll around the village too where we came across the local school. Didnt look like much education was taking place with the kids bouncing off the walls everywhere but hard to believe there was a school in such a place anyway! We then headed out toward the end of the river where it suddenly opened into a HUUUUGGGEE lake, serving as a means for all the community's living with all the fishing and what not that seemed to take place. Shared a quick couple of smokes with the boy drivers before heading back through the village but all in all was a great few afternoon hours spent!

We're both pretty shattered this evening so just sinking a couple and sorting ourselves before bed, and then we're making probably the longest journey yet across the cambodian/thai border by bus to Bangkok. We then plan to jump on an overnight sleeper train a few hrs later down toward southern thailand, if all timing goes to plan and there is availability, before a connection ferry takes us from the coast over to Koh Tao, a Thai island which we hear and read is supposedly amazing for diving and slightly more chilled than the 'party islands' which we'll no doubt spend a few days at too. May look into doing an open water scuba diving qualification if it doesnt cost an arm and a leg, and we hear its one of the cheapest places to gain the certificate, so maybe we'll see!'

But yeah feel like ive been rambling for a little while now. Hope you get a good jist of our last few days in Siem Reap and know what the plan is for the next couple. Obviously we have our flight over to Aus on 24th March from Singapore and we've decided to work to that schedule for now, especially with me booking the connection flight from Phuket to singapore yesterday too, so the initial timing stands the same. Might drop you a quick line in the next day or two depending on how funds are working out

Anyway much love hope alls well that end and hit me back with the goss when you can

Hugs and Kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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