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19 June 2012

Hello again mother burns!

Just touched down in Fiji here last night. Managed to find some accommodation before we left auckland so was nice to have an airport pickup and a short drive to our place.

The people all seem really nice and friendly here, big smiles all around the place so can’t ask for much more really. And the sun has been shining today so, so far so good. We've heard weathers been unpredictable last few days so hoping it continues like it does today.

Will be trying to organise a trip out to a couple of the islands which is where we'll spend most of our time as they seem more picturesque and are apparently a good bit of fun too if you choose the right ones!

So all is well this end and nice to be in t shirt and shorts again after the trousers and jumpers throughout new zealand!

Wanted to ask if you wouldn't mind transferring another 500 pounds into my account, as the accommodation prices on some of the islands seems really high, I won't have enough to keep me going out there in cash unless we take it out before we go - No atm's and other options for food there except the on resort per island - that kind of deal.

I'm hoping to survive with what's in my bank, as well as this last instalment on top until i arrive home. Hopefully will be able to enjoy Hong Kong with around 300 pounds or so for the 5 days living and potential shopping, and the rest of the money will most likely be spent here...

So yeah if that's not a problem would be great if you could do that again for me asap as may be heading to an island tomorrow if all goes to plan!

Im guessing all's the same old same old at home? So excited to see you and get back to my loverrllyyyy bed again, but can’t complain too much about where we are at the moment anyway!

Not sure i'll be able to access the net again before we head to the islands, so a reply to any email you send back may take a little while, but just wanted to ask for that last transfer before we do make our way out there.

Thank youuuuu

Loadsa love and i'll be seeing you in 17days!

Hey to everyone that way tooxxxxx

P.S. Tell ellie that if she has insurance and it'll be covered in the event of losing it/it getting stolen, to take her phone with her away. There's loads more wi-fi spots than you would think around the place so it'll save her having to pay for internet every time she wants to use it like we have had to. Probably spent a fat chunk of money on it so far, so if she can and is definitely covered like i say, i would advise it as lots of restaurants and cafes offer it!


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