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1 July 2012

Hi Mum

...Made it to Hong Kong though last night - Few dramas along the way... were up at 4.30am to catch the early plane, which wad then delayed by a couple of hours. And then after touching down this end my luggage went walkies for a good couple of hrs too, so wasnt;t the best start to the last leg. However, we managed to track down some cheapish accommodation for our first couple of nights so are just catching up with the home world currently, and then will be checking out what's going on around these ways that we can check out too. Hopefully track down a couple of big markets and see a few sights before we leave on Friday morning.

We're based in the Kowloon area for now, and are unsure if we'll be moving about or not as the nightly rates are high most other places we think, but you never know!

Fiji was absolutely fantastic, we met some brilliant people and had a great time kicking back and pretty much getting drunk for a week in some stunning places. All in all it most definitely could have been a worse 10 days or so and the fijians made us feel so welcome everywhere we went! We hired an 8 seater van to drive ourselves around the mainland of Viti Levu for our last couple of days too with some of the new friends we'd made, and ended up sleeping on the beach for the night away which was fun and games!

Hopefully be hooking up with a couple that we met on Fraser Island whilst we're here in Hong Kong too which'll be nice to catch some more familiar faces and get shown around the place with some insider knowledge, as the guy was brought up here for years.

With regards to your bracelet I'll try my best if we come across big markets or knock off shops - so far we've been approached a hundred times in the last 24 hours for fake watches and hashish, so fingers crossed there'll be a bit more on offer as we venture further our from the couple of blocks we've seen so far! Struggling to even know what to grab for anyone else at the moment too, hoping i'm struck by inspiration whilst walking the market stalls and streets, but don't think there's much point in grabbing anything if its all just tacky asian souvenirs, what do you reckon!?

Good to hear ellie landed safely. I did tell her bangkok was a crazy place and in all honesty a woman with a bloody face could be easily found in frogmoore on a saturday night too i imagine, so hopefully it didn't put the two of them off too much from the bigger picture.. I'm sure they'll enjoy Chaing Mai from all the stories i've heard about it, but guessing now they'll shortly be making their way down to the islands...?

Cannot believe it's only 6 more sleeps now until I see you! Last few weeks have gone crazy quick, and though I am obviously so excited to be home again, I am kind of sad that it's all coming to an end too. Been such an unreal year and feel so lucky to have been able to have seen so much in such a short period of time. Not sure if I've caught the 'travel bug' as they say, but am definitely more confident in exploring new places in the future, and even returning to some I've seen if needs be! Maybe even a career in Asia might kick off who knows haha!

Now that you have the flight details I trust you'll be keeping a close eye on them on the day. And am i right in presuming you still haven't joined the james morrison wagon for the evening again!? If so I'll be seeing you at Heathrow very soooooon. But can I ask if you are still coming that you come alone, if you hadn't been planning on it already!? Really not fancying any surprise faces there apart from yours after the bitch of a long flight! Haven't spoken to Caitlin much in the last month or so cause of her holidays and my lack of internet, but she's recently said she'll probably be heading round on the friday evening at some point too. Not sure if she's run it by you but think that was the plan as it stands, I just need to get home and chill for a bit before I get all social again methinks! Probably best to have a quick catchup and chat with her before her birthday bash the night after. Hopefully i'll make it if jetlag doesn't kill me on the day, so be best to see her before if poss.

Need to fling a couple more replies back now before my time runs out, but will be seeing you and everyone else ooohhhh so soon.

Loads and loads and loads of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx