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15 June 2012

Hey again mum

Definitely been eating up the miles yep! Think we're on just over 3500km at the moment so most likely be somewhere near 4000 by the time we're done. Not too shabby for less than 3 weeks!

Just made it to Hamilton this afternoon, and grabbed a free 15 minute internet slot in the library so must be quick-ish again! Came here after visiting the Waitomo glowworm caves a bit earlier today too. They were fairly impressive though bit pricey for what they were I guess. Plan on kicking it here in Hamilton for the night I think, try to catch the footy replay in a pub somewhere tomorrow when we're up and doing, as the time difference makes it near impossible to watch live, and then we'll be heading to Auckland. We'll most likely base ourselves in and around the city for our last couple of days before the flight to Fiji too I imagine.

You guessed it too, did the skydive over lake taupo which was, much like the bungy jump, absolutely unreal. Glad you didn't find out about the bungy 'til the postcards made it through, thought I'd surprise you with the news that way! But yeah both were seriously crazy experiences, thought they were must-do's whilst i was here really, and picked up videos and photos of both as I don't think I'll be doing it again, not too soon anyway! If i had to pick one I'd probably say I preferred the bungy but it was a pretty close contest, and obviously the skydive lasts far longer... freefall for about 60 seconds before the parachute ride down. INCREDIBLE! Either way chuffed I've done both of them, and survived, so was a big grin on my face yesterday for a good couple of hours after doing it!

I'll get an email over to ellie if I manage to jump on again later today or maybe whilst im up in Auckland am sure i'll use the net again, just to advise her about the couple of things you mentioned. Sure she's going to have an unreal time as I did, really good she's doing it like we said before!

Only 4 minutes left already so going to have to dash again.

Anyhow hope all's good that end, tell ellie i'll be in touch sometime next couple of days if poss. And will email you back sometime soon hopefully too!

Loadsa love xxxxxx

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