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12 February 2012

Hey mum

Just a quick one to let you know we're still alive and all is well, other than a bit of a stinking hangover!

Have been in nha trang for 3 nights and tonight is our last i think. We're booking the bus to head over towards Dalat for a couple of nights for tomorrow morning so probably take it fairly easy this evening after a couple of heavy ones.

Had a pretty good time here, rented some more bikes again yesterday with Sam and Gary to go explore and headed to a pretty nice waterfall way outside of the city. Staying with the two of them for the next part of the trip too i think, really nice couple of lads who met each other in hanoi, before we then met them too up there and been having a great laugh everyday with them! Went and checked some mudbaths too when we first arrived in a nice little spa resort - being the glamorous travellers that we are of course!

Will fill you in properly soon though - the computers at this hostel are in high demand so was just keeping you afloat with where we were etc, and will follow up with another email/call hopefully in the next couple of days when we're in Dalat.

Your plans for the summer sound pretty awesome too with heading over to LA and that potential trip with Mel would be brilliant no doubt! But yeah need to go will chat good and proper soon!

Big love to you and as always pass it on to whoever you speak to...

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