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26 January 2012

Hi again guys!

Good to hear back from you both, glad you're both jealous!

So scrap my last comment, got burnt to a crisp yesterday and last night was a bit of a struggle sleeping! Moved over to a couple of bungalows yesterday which are right in front of the laos mountains - beautiful! Heading out for some drinks on the river today (with my t-shirt on) as it's our last day here, and its Aussie Day which apparently means plenty of crazy Aussies all over the place, should be a gooden. Mum - I booked a flight to vietnam tomorrow and included the bus ticket to get to the airport on it - I used the credit card for payment protection. Thought I'd let you know so you could pay it off asap save the interest getting silly! Our original plan of grabbing a long bus over there has been scarpered by the vietnamese new year holiday in place so we just bit the bullet on the flights (and its about 20 times quicker which is handy!)

In answer to your questions about the hostels and food, the place we stayed in bangkok was realllyyyy nice, especially for our first night's stopover. Had a room to ourselves for first few days in Laos, paid about $4 a night so cant really complain, and paying about the same for the beautiful view we now have from the bungalows on the other side of the river! Not bad compared to English prices ey! The food in Laos isnt anything to write home about, since bangkok I've been sticking mainly to the padthai dish which has done me well, and the sandwiches over here aren't too shabby so throw in one of them now and again for lunch and late night munch etc! Has all seemed to be ok as the stomach hasnt suffered too much so far, just a bit topsy turvy occassionally!

Sounds like you guys have had a nice weekend with auntie bev and the girls, bet alex was in tears of joy for the whole of that bloody concert! Send my love back to everyone please i know you will, really nice to hear what the gang have been getting upto!

Will try and send some pictures over those ways in the next week or so when we get into vietnam, ant just attempted a few but the connection means it takes a long while to get them uploaded and sent over, so will try again when we've got a little longer. The camera's certainly waterproof too by the way - tested it out on the river yesterday morning and seems to work a dream when wet too!

Anyway we're off for a bit of a chill before heading down to the water for the day, I guess next time I send an email will most likely be somewhere along the way in Hanoi, we arrive around evening tomorrow after doing the 3.15pm flight from Vientienne to Hanoi.

Keep in touch and again send my love to all please

Much love xxxxxxxxxx

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