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2 June 2012

Hey mum,

Really nice speaking to you again earlier! As mentioned we've just been popping around Queenstown today grabbing coffees and lunch and seeing what's on offer!

Really nice little place, seems modernly quaint, if that's even possible. Just jaw dropping walking to the outskirts, as the town's not too large for what we're looking for, and being surrounded by epic hills and snowcapped mountains. Feels like we're walking around a Christmas film set or something with the weather being as chilly as it is at the moment.

But anywayyy, think the plan is to stay here for at least a couple of days, then make the drive to Milford Sound for a daytime cruise around there. Bit of an awkward drive as we need to go about 10 hours return out of the way to get there, but looks like another unbelievable place so should be worth it. Might stop off at Te Anua one way too to catch some cool caves too. And we managed to grab a deal as part of our campervan package so hey ho, let's go see where they filmed a part of lord of the rings...

As promised I've attached the new itinerary that we received from STA when we changed our flight options.

Due to arrive back 6th July at 4.15pm. But honestly I really don't want you to cancel your trip to see James Morrison, I'll still be up waiting for you with a nice glass of wine and a fag by the time you're back so few more hours wont hurt after 6 months! And have been offered a lift back by a couple of friends already, without even asking Rosie and Graham.

Anywho, that's plans for 4 weeks along the line, just telling you what to do being the parent right now haha!

Right im going to scoot off again but will give you another call sometime in the next few days anyway!

Lots of love


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