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6 June 2012

Hi mum

Just a really quick message to let you know i've managed to break the screen on the mobile phone i have with me, so getting in contact via that may be a tad tricky as it's only displaying cracks!

Will try to keep in touch through this email whenever we stop in a big enough town for long enough, though think it may be a while 'til we make it anywhere significant. Plan to spend probably less than a week on the north island as we'll be exploring that part slightly less, so imagine we won't be there before 11th/12th June, in case i'm not in touch before just to let you know!

All's well still here though. We went on a cruise at Milford Sound yesterday which was wet but yet again unreal. The hard rain made hundreds of waterfalls appear from ridiculous rock and cliff formations whilst we were riding alongside them on the boat, so that was definitely something new that we hadn't experienced yet. Headed back to Queenstown in the evening for a few drinks with few people we've met here. Headed off today to Wanaka I think, only an hour or two north of here. Have been really lucky with the weather so far, apart from yesterday the sun's been shining and although it hasn't been the warmest, nice crisp mornings have been sweet and the onset of winter's definitely been bearable.

They've had snow this morning up round Christchurch region so we might come up against some soon I think. Would be cool to say we've experienced hot 40 degree heat in Cambodia and snow in New Zealand on the same trip I guess! Plus I think we've been pushing our luck with the rain holding off here for as long as it is, so seems inevitable really...

Anyway hope all's well at home? Any gossip to be heard from that side of the world?

Say hi to ellie for me please and I'll hopefully be back in touch whenever I get the chance in the next week or so.

Loads of love


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