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20 February 2012

Hi Mum

All's well with us down in Saigon thanks. Just got back from a bit of an explore round the city after we visited the War Museum. Pretty interesting stuff all about the Vietnamese war, the before during and after from the Vietnamese perspective of course, but nonetheless well worth the 50p entrance fee!

Pretty much at the end of our time in Vietnam now like you mentioned yep! Maybe spend another day here and then catch a bus across the border to Phnom Penh in Cambodia, either tomorrow/Wednesday. Been a pretty sweet few weeks here, i imagine we would have travelled slightly quicker had we not met Gary, Sam and Mia, but it's been nice chilling with them too on a daily basis so visited a couple more places than maybe planned. Sam's off home any minute and Gary in the next couple of days so we say farewell and onto the next destination!

From what we've heard Cambodia is slightly less manic and a tad more hassle-free. Seems most of the locals working around the streets and the areas we have been are usually out to make a fast buck here. Hasn't really tainted the experience much as you just get on with it and treat it all as the norm, but general impressions are the people have been slightly less friendly than our short experience of Laos.

We bumped into a few boys from the year above at Hampden who are also doing a similar travel route to us, so we might see them n Cambodia which would be cool, aswel as some other guys and girls we've met over the course of Vietnam on and off - most people take a similar kind of route if travelling in the same direction it seems, all wanting to hit the bigger towns and find the odd good party here and there!

Very quick cut off but I've got to dash to say bye to Sam, grabbing a quick vietnamese coffee before he leaves for the airport, so hope you enjoy the above and get back to me whenever you can, im sure i'll have plenty more on the grapevine to share next time i get online...

Much love for now and as usual if anyone asks let them know im still alive and kicking, and the stomach and shits are holding off for now!

Big hugs and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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