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24 March 2012

Hi mum

Just a real quick email to let you know we're still alive and doing good after the last minute changes to flights and what not…

We ended up with about 24hours to burn after landing in Singapore yesterday so decided to go check out a couple of areas of the city by night and grab a dorm bed!

Pleased we got to see another city and boy what a place! We spent our time overnight in a pub/backpackers in the area of 'little india' which was exactly as it says on the tin… real contrast to where we headed for dinner in the more expensive part of town, and ended up strolling around a few shopping centres with all the locals. Was crazy busy as it was a friday night so got to see all kinds of people bopping about the place, and it definitely lived up to the big city, bright lights expectations people have of it. Seemed like an amazing place but had to get our weary heads down to return to the airport this morning!

Just waiting to board the flight to brisbane now and the departures area here is a bit nice; must be a lot of money floating about here as there's designer labels everywhere. The place is so clean too both in and out of the airport bit of a contrast to our time in Vietnam and what not

Shit only got 1min 54 seconds left on this airport computer so need to sign out but all is good,

We hit brisbane at 1 in the morning so should be interesting finding our way to the centre / finding any accomodation / finding our way around whatsoever. So yeah we shall see!

Big love as usual though, will try get hold of you once we're setted down under in a few days!


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